Breeding and Reproduction

Mare Services
Our mare services include:Repro Image

  • Breeding soundness exam.
  • Uterine culture, uterine biopsy.
  • Rectal palpation and ultrasound.
  • Artificial insemination with both fresh and frozen semen.
  • Pregnancy diagnosis.  

All of our mare services can be provided in the field or at our clinic.







Stallion Services
Our stallion services include:

  • Semen collection and evaluation.
  • Live cover breeding assistance.
  • Frozen semen storage.





Foaling Services
Our In-Hospital Foaling Package includes:

  • Kate Baby2Monitoring of the mare as she reaches the end of her pregnancy.
  • Foaling assistance, with FOALERT monitoring system.
  • Assistance for retained placentas.
  • A physical examination of the mare and foal
  • Placental examination (please save in plastic bag after it is passed)
  • Neonatal examination 24 hours post foaling (physical exam, CBC, and Foal IgG SNAP test)
  • Intensive monitoring for sick or premature foals.

Post-Natal services can be provided in the field or at the clinic.






Visit our Client Education page for more information about Breeding and Reproduction.




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