Our Four Legged Friends


GoldieIf you have ever had a horse stay in our hospital, you have probably met Goldie. Retired from her days as a queening horse, Goldie is now our “Resident Babysitter”. Goldie is also a wonderful beginner lesson horse. When Goldie isn’t working, she enjoys eating treats and napping in the arena. With 23 years of horse experience under her cinch, Goldie is an excellent edition to the South Mountain Team!

Colby and Belle

Colby is Lyle and Sammy’s “first born child”. He runs a tight ship around here, making sure the horses don’t paw and that they stay away from the fences. In hiBelle Colbys spare time, he is an expert  mouse hunter. At the end of each day Colby is always tired because it’s exhausting being perfect all day.



Belle was adopted by the Barbour’s in January of 2014. She had lived in many homes before she found us, but lucky for her she’s found her forever home! Bell loves to play ball and is happy to include anyone and everyone in the game. Her favorite part of the day is when the delivery man comes; she hops in the truck to help him and gets paid with a couple yummy cookies.

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